In bed with mom’s girlfriend

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In bed with mom’s girlfriend My name, Vasily, is now 23 years old, but the story that I tell you happened to me at the age of 18, I was still a virgin...

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In bed with mom’s girlfriend

My name, Vasily, is now 23 years old, but the story that I tell you happened to me at the age of 18, I was still a virgin.
It was a normal day when a mom’s friend came to visit her; her name was Anna; at that time she was 28 years old; Anya was married, a brunette with 3 breast sizes, about 165 in height and good physique. So mom and girlfriend decided to go to the bar and left me to sit with my brother. At night, at about one in the morning, Anya and mom returned home and drank another 0.5 beer in the kitchen and decided to go to bed, mom persuaded Anya to stay with us, hearing quietly went to sleep in another room, we had a two-room apartment, but there was still a sofa only in Mom’s room, Mom made a bed in her room and instead of a bathrobe, my household items, after which they went to bed. 20 minutes after they went to bed, I decided to go to the toilet because I was a little embarrassed by Ani, but suddenly I heard that someone was getting up and going to smoke in the bathroom. I decided to wait until they finish smoking, and so as not to fall asleep, I decided to watch a video about the trip, it took 10 minutes and no one left the bathroom, I could not stand it and went to the toilet, having done my job I headed to my room. But as soon as I closed the toilet door, Anya asked why I wasn’t sleeping, I told her that I was watching a video, after which she asked if she could watch the video with me, I agreed. Anya lay down next to me on a single sofa. After 5 minutes of watching the video, she hugged me a little and started stroking my head, I really liked it. At this time, the thought came to my mind, what if I tried to fuck Anya, but the thought disappeared right after I remembered that she had a husband. Anna continued to stroke me and after 5 minutes she took me lightly to the bail. and a minute later she began to kiss on the shoulder. From that moment, my brain hit on Ani's husband and picked up options for how to kiss her, after which I decided to kiss her on the lips immediately after she kisses my shoulder. And after 3 seconds I kissed her and she reciprocated. We kissed for about 10 minutes, I undressed her a little and took off her panties, I put her finger in her pussy, Anya moaned a little and said - "I’m so better to just get in a tickle", she was lying on her back, legs spread apart and waited for me to insert but because this was the first time I asked her for help, she took my dick's hand and stuck it in her wet vagina, how pleasant it was, I immediately inserted it as deep as possible and fucked very quickly holding her mouth so that she would not wake my mother. After 40 minutes of rough sex, I finished while Anya finished already 3 times, after that she washed the sperm from the back and went to sleep.
In the morning, we acted as if there was nothing with my mother, and when she went to work, we fucked
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